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Sex, Love + Intimacy Coach for Entrepreneurs

Hello there! I am Sarah Michelle. I have had the pleasure of coaching entrepreneurs sex, love, intimacy, relationships, and business since I received my coaching certification in 2016.

I was the perfect little housewife, with a custom built home in the suburbs and two amazing children. I had a cozy job in Corporate America with amazing benefits.

I was content... but disconnected.

My feminine essence was being crushed under the weight of all the masculine energy I had to use at work and at home. I had battled depression as a teenager and young adult. Now I could feel it creeping back in.

It was decision time... I decided to leave my corporate job and turn my side gig of massage and energy work into a full-time coaching business.

Now I spend my days sharing Human Design, Gene Keys, Feng Shui, Reiki, EFT, and so much more with my clients. The best part is that we get spend our time together talking and laughing about sex, love, and intimacy.

Using these tools I am able to take my clients beyond cookie cutter business strategies so that they can tap into their own sexual and creative energy. This allows them to work on both their personal lives and businesses in a way that is playful and pleasurable.

Sooooo much more fun than hustling, grinding, and all that other crap!

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