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Alexandra D.

I first met with Sarah when I was looking to grow my business. During our initial conversation she asked, “What is your purpose?”. I did not hesitate with my response, “To be a mom”.

At that time, my husband and I had been trying to conceive for almost two years and we had been diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. I had been taking an estrogen stimulating prescription for months, endured six intrauterine insemination procedures, had modified my diet, and regularly visited my chiropractor and acupuncturist.

My purpose steered my coaching sessions with Sarah in a new direction. Together, we developed a mantra, she encouraged me to talk to my babies (I decided I would ask for twins!) and even buy him/her/them a gift. She helped me discover a mental block and incorporate visualization into my meditation sessions.

In the fall of 2016, Sarah and I met in person so she could perform energy work. During that time, she incorporated a card reading. The first card she pulled was Ostara, the Goddess of Fertility – Sarah cried. I became pregnant shortly after meeting. I was not taking the medication anymore and had not undergone intrauterine insemination.

When my daughter was 7 months old, my husband and I decided we were ready to consider adding another baby to our family but were concerned it may take a long time again. During a private coaching session with Sarah, she instructed me on how to connect with my higher self. I became pregnant a few weeks later. We discovered there were two gestational sacs – twins! Very early on, the second egg did not stick. I know the universe understood I would be busy enough with two children just under 18 months apart. But I have no doubt that the twins were related to what Sarah had helped me put into the universe early on.

I believe Sarah was divinely placed in my life at the perfect time. I often reflect on the wishes I made and I am in awe that my manifestations are now my perfect reality. Sarah taught me how to connect with myself on an intuitive level and continues to be a shining light for me.

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